Brazil 2018 Home Shirt Women

The reason why football can be called the most popular sport in the world is that various people around the world love it. In Europe, football has become a culture in the lives of people. There are a lot of football enthusiasts there. Let’s take a look at the famous football fans.

Clovis Fernandes(1955-16 September 2015), known as “Gaucho da Copa(Gaucho of Cup)”, was an extremely loyal Brazilian fan. He has been called Brazil’s “12th player” and is one of the most famous football supporters in the world. With a replica FIFA World Cup Trophy in hands, Fernandes had followed Brazil national team since 1990 and watched the games of World Cup, Copa América, FIFA Confederations Cup and Olympic Games. He totally visited 66 countries and watched 154 football matches(including seven different World Cup finals). He clutched tightly to his replica model of the FIFA World Cup Trophy with tears in his eyes as he attempted to accept the astonishing defeat in the 2014 World Cup when Brazil lost the championship. Fernandes passed his trophy on to a German fan at that time, telling her that “take it to the final. As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations.”

Fernandes once had a desire that he hoped that his ashes could be buried on the playing fields of the Brazil national team after death. He hoped to follow his beloved team forever in this way. Unfortunately, the 60-year-old grandpa died of cancer in 2015.

He used to be the owner of a restaurant. However, he left his restaurant impulsively and went to Italy in 1990 in order to realize his World Cup dreams. FIFA also specially filmed a short video for Fernandes to introduce the “Brazil’s 12th player” before the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Afterwards, he sold the restaurant and began his career as a “professional football fan”.

As a world-famous football fan, the grandpa gave all of him to the Brazil national team. If you also want to show you support directly, wearing a shirt for Brazil national team is a great way. You are available to get the cheap football shirts replica at our store.

There is a Brazil Home Shirt Women 2018 for fans that was unveiled jointly by Nike and the CBF. When players wear the well-designed home shirt, they will capture our attention at football fields. Green Nike Swoosh is printed on the right chest while the team badge is on the left. The five stars represent great victories in the past. The pattern that comes from Brazil national flag is embroidered inside of the collar and it is surrounded by wave lines. The word “você é a seleção (your choice)” is displayed on the outer ring.

The bright yellow match jersey can help players perform better during 90 minutes.

“Brazilian players wearing bright yellow shirts have really impressed the world’s fans,” said Pete Hoppins, senior design director of Nike, “We hope the 2018 home shirt can show the vitality of players.”

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